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Moving forward by supporting and empowering all South Africans affected by cleft lip and/or palate.

Welcome to the Cleft Friends website where parents speak from their experience, and encourage new parents to celebrate their babies for being a baby first by bonding with them through skin to skin contact, kissing and cuddling them and affirming them in every way possible then we tackle the challenges faced with the cleft journey*. We take the time to listen and then empower parents to ask medical professionals specific questions that will alleviate any anxiety or clear any misunderstanding of information about their child’s diagnosis.

If you have found out that your baby has been diagnosed with a cleft we would love to meet you. When you complete the Cleft Friends membership form we can connect you with parents all around the country who know what you are going through.

The Cleft Friends membership form is for anyone affected by cleft lip and palate in South Africa, this could be:

  • A parent/guardian of a child with a cleft lip and/or palate
  • Anyone who was born with a cleft lip and/or palate
  • A health professional
  • Anyone with some other personal connection to cleft e.g. grandparent, sibling, teacher, friend of someone with a cleft lip and palate
  • Anyone who would like to sign up for our newsletter, help raise funds for our cause and/or attend our awareness events

Click here to become a member.

You are not alone!

Contact Details

Email: info@cleftfriends.co.za
Phone: (082) 393 1206
or (071) 201 6085

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