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This May Cleft Friends is celebrating 10 Years! Whoop! Whoop! If you or your loved one is cleft affected feel free to email your photo and story to us at info@cleftfriends.co.za. We want to share encouraging stories and create awareness about cleft lip and palate in South Africa. You are not alone!

My name is Vicente Celestino Camarena. My parents named me Vicente Celestino because in Spanish my name has a strong meaning. I am a warrior, a conqueror, and a gift from God. I’ve had a tough journey but with the love and attention of my parents I have the strength and will to surpass anything and everything that may come my way. I was born May 22, 2018, I’ve had numerous appointments and weight check-ups because I was not gaining weight, matter of fact I was losing weight. My parents were stressing out trying to figure out what they were doing wrong but they never gave up on trying new methods and new bottles until they found Dr. Brown specialty bottle and going up on calories on my formula (from 22 calories to 24 calories). Shortly after at three months, I had my lip surgery which from there on I gained weight with no problem, went down on calories, and I didn’t have to use any special bottles. I started with solids at 4 months because I am a hungry little boy and from there on I have been healthy and my doctors’ are so proud of how much progress I have made in such a little time. My parents went from liquidizing my food to eating straight solids. Now, I am like any baby! Just like the meaning of my name, I am a warrior, I am a conqueror, and just like how I went through lip surgery as if nothing ever happened, it’s exactly what I am going to do with my palate surgery that is coming up.

To my fellow cleft parents don’t give up, don’t ever stop trying new methods, stressing out is okay because it means you want the best for your child. Join social media groups just like Cleft Friends because we are all a big family and here to help each other out because at the end of the day we have a similarity, our precious babies affected by clefts are gifts from God.

You are not alone!

Story sent by Layla Pomerino
A proud cleft mommy 🙂

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